LEMTRADA is a prescription medicine used to treat adults with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS). Because of its risks, LEMTRADA is generally used in people who have tried 2 or more MS medicines that have not worked well enough. It is not known if LEMTRADA is safe and effective for use in children under 17 years of age.


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Katy Wife, Writer, and Yoga Instructor

LEMTRADA patient blogger: Katy

What inspires me:

Situations that cause us to dig deeper into ourselves

My happy place is:

The brow of the mountain where I grew up. The view is always beautiful

A fun fact about me: 

I lived in Florence, Italy when I was 23 and loved every minute of my adventure. Throwing myself into a new culture and language with the familiar faces of my friends and family an ocean away was disorienting at times, but also blissfully exhilarating.

Hi! I’m Katy. A Greek Southern girl with a splash of Mexican, and I am passionate about my faith, my family, yoga, writing and politics.

I’m inspired by situations that call us to dig deeper, trusting that challenge shapes us to be stronger, wiser, more empathetic versions of ourselves.

The reason I chose to share my story about relapsing MS and LEMTRADA is very personal.

Multiple sclerosis claimed the life of my precious mother in 2014. And when I was diagnosed with relapsing MS, she told me, "There will be a cure by the time you are 30!" with that radiant optimism of hers. Even though there isn’t a cure for relapsing MS, with all of the treatment options available, like LEMTRADA, I believe this is the best time in history to live with this disease. It’s my goal to share this good news with families impacted by MS.

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